Continuing Certification & Certlink™

What's Next After I Become Board Certified with ABOHNS? - April 2023 (15 min 32 sec)
An informative discussion with ABOHNS Continuing Certification Committee member and director Dr. Sonya Malekzadeh and Continuing Certification Specialist Amar Preet answering common questions new diplomates have after they become board certified.

Certlink™ Benefits - August 2022 (12 min 32 sec)
On this episode, we talk with Amar Preet, our Continuing Certification Specialist, and Dr. Ron Kuppersmith about some common questions our Diplomates have about CertLink and discuss the benefits CertLink offers.

Understanding your Certlink™ Dashboard - January 2023 (13 min 39 sec)
A conversation with Dr. Brian Nussenbaum, Executive Director, and Amar Preet, Continuing Certification Specialist, explaining the content displayed on your CertLink Dashboard.

Board Certification & Exams

The Process of Becoming Board Certified - January 2023 (5 min 56 sec)
Many think of board certification as just taking an exam. In actuality, there is a lot more to it. Dr. Brian Nussenbaum, ABOHNS Executive Director, shares some insight into the process of becoming a board-certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon. 

How to Interpret Your Otolaryngology Training Exam (OTE) Scores - April 2023 (14 min 49 sec)
A Q&A discussion with ABOHNS Senior Resident Coordinator, Shannon Lamkin, and Executive Director, Dr. Brian Nussenbaum about the importance of the Otolaryngology Training Exam and OTE scores.

Diplomates Discuss Preparing for the Oral Exam - January 2023 (18 min 58 sec)
Recently certified ABOHNS diplomates, Dr. Jenny Chen and Dr. Tyler Bertroche, describe how they prepared to take the virtual Oral Certifying Exam. In addition, ABOHNS Certification Coordinator, Rosa LaNeve, shares frequently asked questions from exam candidates and offers board recommendations and requirements to help candidates plan for the Oral Exam.

2025 Oral Exam Town Hall - December 2023 (59 min 04 sec)
Oral Exam Town Hall moderated by C. Gaelyn Garret, MD, MMHC (President) with panelists Timothy L. Smith, MD, MPH (Chair, Assessments Committee), Ronald B. Kuppersmith, MD, MBA (Chair, Continuing Certification Committee, Treasurer), and Brian Nussenbaum, MD, MHCM (Executive Director)

Other Topics

Board Service: What are the Opportunities and How to Get Involved - April 2023 (18 min 45 sec)
ABOHNS Executive Director, Dr. Brian Nussenbaum, and Director, Dr. Ron Kuppersmith, have an informative discussion for our diplomates and future diplomates about opportunities to become involved with the board and how board nominations are made.




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